Tommy Paulson

DP / Operator


Epic - X

  PL Mount

  SSD Module


Ziess Standard Speed Prime Lens Set T2.1                



Sachtler 9+9 Fluid Head

  Mitchell mount


Mitchell Mount Tripod Legs

  (Standard, Baby, HiHat)


Arri MB20 mattebox

  (3) 5.65x5.65 / 4x5.65 combo stages

   (1) 138mm stage

   113-100mm stepdown

   100 - 80mm stepdown

   Eyebrow & Siders

   Hard Matte set

   15mm / 19mm


Arri FF4 follow focus

  Dual sided

  15mm / 19mm


RED Media:

  (2) 64 GB SSD


Red AKS:

  Wooden Camera easy riser

  Wooden Camera A-box (2 XLR inputs)

  Red 5.6" LCD

  Arri base 19mm,

  Arri dovetail 12",

  (2) Red arm 5",

  (1) Red arm 9",

  (2) Support rods 18",

  (2) Support rods 24",

  Red top handle & ext.,

  (2) Red handles & mount,

  Red cradle



  Switronix Jet-pack

  (6) Red Brick

  (1) Red Charger

  (1) Dual Charger



  138mm Circular Polarizer

  5.65x5.65 ND.3

  5.65x5.65 ND.6

  5.65x5.65 IR+ND.9

  5.65x5.65 IR+ND1.2

  5.65x5.65 IR+ND1.5

  4x5.65 85

  4x5.65 85ND.3

  4x5.65 85ND.6

  4x5.65 85ND.9


Directors Monitor

  17" Panasonic bt-lh1710



Canon 5d mk3

  (4) 8GB CF memory cards

  (2) 32GB SD memory cards

  (5) Batteries

  28-80mm f3.5-5.6 Canon

  75-300mm f4-5.6 Canon

  50mm f1.8 Canon

  Cartoni Fluid-Head tripod

  usb card reader


GoPro HD-Hero2

  wifi back

  (2) 32GB sd card

  Assorted mounting options



  (2) 2k Mole Richardson Tungsten Fresnel

  (1) 2k Mole Richardson Ellipsoidal

  (1) 2k Tungsten Softlight

  (1) 4 bank fluorescent

   Assorted gels and diffusion



  Seinhiesser wireless Lav

  Audio Technica AT100 wireless Lav

  TEV Pro-III handheld mic


Macbook Pro

  Shotput Pro (data  management)

  Adobe Prelude (Data Management and Encoding)